Sense-Making by Design for Secondary Teachers

June 21, 2023
8:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Learn why sequence matters! Join renowned science educator and author Patrick Brown for a fun and interactive course about bringing conceptual coherence for learners to your lessons and labs. Interact with supportive peers as you develop your own practice of science instruction that promotes engagement as well as deep, long-lasting understanding for your students.
In-Person Portion Weds-Fri June 21-23, 2023 (8am-3:30 pm), October 7 , 2023 (8am- 3:30pm)
Asynchronous On-Line Portion September 4 -Oct 15 - Complete Four Classroom Implementation Assignments & A Weekly Discussion Forum (approx 2 hrs per week of work for 6 weeks)
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  • Course [+$150.00]

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