Argumentation: The Language of Inquiry

June 28, 2021
9:00 a.m. to 12:00  p.m.
FOR PRACTICING 6-12 TEACHERS: Take Wonder to the next level! In this course, you will see that literacy is not just “one more thing to teach” but a powerful tool to strengthen your science and social studies instruction without sacrificing any of the excitement and deep thinking that comes from direct experiential learning. Professional scientists and social scientists unravel mysteries by creating and presenting claim-based arguments. How can we get our students excited about this type of reading, writing and discourse every day? The face-to-face and on-line coursework focuses on how your students can enrich their learning and sense-making using non-fiction text, scientific writing, graphic literacy, and productive discourse. Have fun as you observe, practice, plan and implement research-based strategies that support all learners.

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  • Course [+$300.00]

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